Easily and Securely Participate in Token Sales

Gullin is a secure, compliant and easy to use platform for participating in Token Sales.

Support Blockchain Projects

Blockchain is disrupting countless industries from Finance to Cloud Storage. Gullin enables you to support early stage blockchain projects and startups in their pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Let's build a more open future together.

Why Use Gullin

Gullin is designed to create an easy and intuitive process for participating in Token Sales. No other Token Sale platform matches up to us.
We work closely with leading experts in the digital currency industry to ensure the compliance of our platform and the Tokens Sales we work with.
We take security very seriously. That's why we do not store our members' private keys.

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your information is securely encrypted and stored.
One Time KYC
Gullin ensures every participant on our platform is verified through our seamless KYC/AML process.

Once completed, our members can participate in any current and future Token Sales on our platform.

How to Get Started

Sign Up
Create an Ethereum digital currency wallet where you can securely store your tokens.
Deposit Ether so that you can begin participating in Token Sales.
Buy Tokens
Buy tokens to begin supporting your favorite blockchain projects and startups.

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